Field of Greens

This is probably the fastest painting I did. After an hour of randomly moving and spotting my paint brush on a piece of paper, this is what I got. Not so much of the details - it's more like free strokes!

Roses are Red

Red Rose Red Rose
Which is a sweet scent to the nose
So soft and smooth
It makes my heart move
Red Rose Red Rose
Which makes a good pose
That I like to hold
Red Rose Red Rose
Which the wind blows
As each day goes
Red Rose Red Rose
Which grows and grows
It's my favorite kind
That it sooths the mind
Red Rose Red Rose
That it helps sooth my soul 

Eve Anderson

Pink Mountains

Have you guys seen pink mountains? Aren't they charming? Mystical? Topsy turvy and definitely one of a kind! In the world of arts and colours, all things are possible!
"Pink Mountains", Poster Paint on Paper
Without much to do, I remember painting these images way back high school. My first try on creating mountainous landscapes, which from then on has been a favorite theme. It's one of my creative outputs for being a certified nature lover. And these pink mountains make me smile :) 

Abstract: Of curves and lines

Abstract art: "of curves and lines", watercolor on paper

I have shared with you already an abstract painting from my previous post. This time, this artwork is more of the geometric side of the abstract theme. I made fun of the lines as well as watercolor techniques, letting water drip here and there, haha.

Abstract Art: Color Splash

I remember my first ever attempt to work on an abstract theme...It was in the 90s and I was still in my elementary years. This was even before "abstract art" became famous and widely used. That was during one of our Art class session and I love the idea of it - creating something, not really knowing what it is. No obvious patterns or figures, just strokes here and there...letting your hands sway and draw freely...
Abstract: "Color Splash", Watercolor on paper
Comes year 2000 and many houses, buildings and establishments hang paintings with an abstract theme on them. Some are geometric and some lyrical. I created the above painting from one of the videos I saw which inspired me to create a piece of my own. I love the splash of colours and the sense of movement. One of my aunt told me she sees Jesus in it, trying to reach a hand...can you see what she was talking about? :)

Portrait: Jennifer Lopez

I have always been a huge Jennifer Lopez fan! I must admit, when I was in college, everyone knew in the class that this "geek" type of me can go crazy over Miss J! I even recommended the track "If you had my love" to be the intro dance for our College dance contest, studying every night the moves from one of her live appearances complied in her then released vcd, which I was so proud to have. "wink"
Portrait: Jennifer Lopez
But that was years ago... I am little tamed now, haha! But I still love her...which I guess will make me now glue to the latest season of American Idol. Way to go Judge J.Lo! What about you, have you drawn a portrait of your favorite artist?

Garden Orchids, Oil on Canvas

Mom has always been fascinated with growing different kinds of orchids in our garden. I may not have a green thumb, but I can definitely appreciate the "art of greens".
Garden Orchids, oil on canvas
I tend to take pictures of orchids especially those that are in full bloom. From those photos, I try to give birth to another piece of art by painting them. I painted the orchid above with the help of a picture I've taken way back. Just after the sun sets, I saw the striking blue skies just behind a newly bloomed orchid, "This needs to be captured", I thought.


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About Arts and Gifts

This blog is initially intended to "save" all the art pieces I've made through the years. I value them as I value God's gift to me, my TALENT.

I may not be a "master" at this yet. I have no formal training on any medium. No one taught me "yet". But I don't care. What I do know is I am in LOVE with this craft and I consider all of my artworks special, because for me this gift of art is SPECIAL.

This gift needs to be SHARED.